Chapter 2: Culture and Communication

Culture and communication are inseparably intertwined as “language and culture are the frameworks through which humans experience, communicate, and understand reality” (Vygostky, 1968, p.39). Culture influences our worldview, beliefs, and what we consider normal. However, as we all know from experience, many differences among cultures exist, which can often cause miscommunication and conflict. In this chapter, we will define culture and intercultural communication, explore eight ways in which cultural groups differ, discuss how a dialectical approach can be applied to intercultural communication, and address ways to improve communication competence.


Essential Questions

  • How do cultures differ? And how do those differences affect intercultural interactions?
  • How can we improve intercultural communication competence? And for what reasons?


Successful students will be able to:

  • identify the definitions of culture and intercultural communication
  • recognize 8 cultural variables
  • explain four aspects of a dialectical approach to intercultural communication
  • explain three aspects of intercultural competence

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