Production Team

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Central New Mexico Community College

Department of Distance Learning

Audrey Gramstad, Director

Melanie E Magdalena, Multimedia Producer

Jacob Lujan, Multimedia Producer

Thomas Gallegos

Jonathan Bunner

Anna Fedele

Julie Good

Sharon Gordon-Moffett

Gene Higgins

Patricia Miera

Matthew Padilla

Jose Pedraza

Hallie Ray

Michelle Renteria

Erika Tallsalt

Glenys Thompson

John Warren

Jessica Rosazza Williams

Trillium Productions, LLC.

Gaylon Emerzian, Production Coordinator

Research Crew A

Debbie Busch, Head Researcher

Kayleigh Madjar, Researcher

Sam Rong, Researcher

Research Crew B

Barbara Cameron, Head Researcher

Adam deSantis, Researcher

Ingrid Franca, Researcher

Zach Silva, Researcher

April McDonnell, Research Assistant

Joel Rao, Research Assistant

Dominique Ochoa, Research Assistant

International Asset Acquisition

Roger Brown, International Rights Coordinator
Kirby Barth, Researcher/International Rights Assistant

Editing Crew

Sam Johnston, Head Editor

Alessandro Medici, Editor

Marissa Cameron, Associate Editor

Graphics Crew

Lisa Hoffman, Book Designer

Keith Dadey, Maps

Marissa Cameron, Graphics

Barbara Cameron, Illustrator

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