CNM Textbook Adoption

CNM Academic Affairs 

The following documents explain the CNM procedures for textbook usage and adoption in the classroom. 




Adopting the CNM English OER 

The English OER lives at this web address:  

Some steps: 

  1. Let your chairs know you’d like to adopt the English OER 
    1. They notify the bookstore of your text requirements 
  2. Peruse the shells in 
  3. Read over the FYC materials in ELFs 
  4. Decide how you would like to scaffold your course 
    1. Using the OER is very much like using the Norton 
    2. You are free to use 
  5. Consider what outside readings you would like to supplement the OER. 
    1. Think about course design.  
    2. The English OER covers how to write, writing in genres, writing process, analytical process, arguing process, using MLA and APA style. 
    3. It does not include readings in genres. 
    4. You can get around this through linking to texts, but you have to follow Fair Use Guidelines. 


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