OER Repositories

Repositories and Assistance

Here are some helpful OER Repositories you can check out.

  1. MERLOT This is a repository of open materials, videos, animations, graphics, lecture notes, websites, and textbooks that are open for instructor adoption and adaptation.
  2. OER Commons This is a repository of open materials, videos, lecture notes, and textbooks.
  3. Saylor Open Textbooks Saylor Academy offers open textbooks and courses that are completely free.
  4. Open Course Library This is a database of open courses and their respective materials that you can research and use.
  5. Open Textbooks on OER Consortium This listing of textbooks within specific disciplines comes from the Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources.
  6. Openstax From Rice University, Openstax is a nonprofit organization which creates free, peer-reviewed textbooks in a variety of disciplines.
  7. College Open Textbooks Offers materials for community colleges and other two-year colleges. Textbooks on this site are peer-reviewed.
  8. Lumen Learning Lumen provides open courses for free or at minimal cost.
  9. British Columbia Open Campus Textbook List This list of textbooks out of British Columbia focuses on the top subjects in B.C.
  10. University of Minnesota Open Textbook Library This open textbook library contains free and peer-reviewed textbooks.
  11. Wikibooks This is an open-content textbooks collection.
  12. Skills Commons This is a free and open digital library of workforce training materials.
  13. Johns Hopkins School of Open Health Courseware This is a list of 110 courses in the medical field that are either free or low cost.
  14. Excelsior College Open Textbooks Here’s another open repository from Excelsior college, which has a growing OER initiative.
  15. SUNY Open Textbooks These are open textbooks from the State University of New York’s open educational initiative.
  16. The OER Catalogue Open Educational Resources for Higher Ed

OER Web Search Tips 

Google can be helpful–use Google Advanced Search 

Pair CC keywords, Boolean operators, and discipline-specific terms to yield results: 

  • Use and, or, not 
  • Example: “James Baldwin” not Alec 

Use quotes to yield more precise results: 

  • “CC BY-SA”  
  • “CC BY-SA-NC” 
  • “Creative Commons” 
  • Repository 
  • “Open Access” 
  • “Open Educational Resource” 
  • Or just search OER 

For additional help, you can consult the Copyright Librarian, who provides help with: 

  • Research Design (know your needs)
  • Licensing Questions (understand license terms)
  • Source Attribution (keep track of sources used)
  • email, phone, and in-person consultations

Contact: Mary Bates-Ulibarri ulimb@cnm.edu (505)224-4000 x52552

Or you can contact the OER course designer in Distance Learning who can provide assistance with:

  • Locating and evaluating OER materials
  • Licensing questions
  • Review of textbook and alignment with course objectives
  • Creation and adaptation of OER textbooks
  • Completing the Open Education Resource Evaluation Rubric

Contact: Bryn Campbell, PhD Bcampbell22@cnm.edu (505) 224-4000 x54136

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