Creating OERs with Distance Learning

Distance Learning Information

The media specialist in Distance Learning, Jacob Lujan ( 505)224-4000 x53086), can be contacted for some of the following services. The OER course designer is Bryn Campbell (, 224-4000 x54136)

Distance Learning provides: 

  • Consults with faculty early in the process. After receiving Dean’s approval, please contact either Jacob Lujan or Bryn Campbell to set up a meeting to discuss your project needs regarding Creation or Adaptation of OER. 
  • Transfer of textbooks or other materials from GoogleDoc or Word.Doc into MyText for publication.
  • Services related to formatting OER materials for web distribution to CNM Students.
  • Explains or demonstrate what can be done and make recommendations for enhancements, which include technical and content.

Content Enhancements:

  • Styling
  • Organization
  • ADA tagging/styling
  • Users/groups

Technical Enhancements:

  • Content organization
  • Media creation*
  • User experience
  • Design elements
  • Interactives
  • Storage

Faculty Responsibilities

  1. Review ADA accessibility checklist found at
  2. Complete OER text (100%) and meet ADA accessibility standards.
  3. Complete peer review by an outside faculty member or editor, using the Editorial Review Checklist here. 
  4. Complete review by a Disability Resource Center representative.
  5. Maintain an up-to-date copy of the OER text.
  6. Provide required media or “media wish-list” to Distance Learning. 
  7. Organize and contract licensed media that falls outside of the public domain.
  8. Submit to DL via OneDrive, Google Doc, or SharePoint for easy collaboration.
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